The Design Disruption Group is small group of design educators, researchers, practitioners, and students based at Northumbria University Design School whose collective objective is to bring about positive change via disruptive design acts .

The Design Disruption Group was established by Paul Rodgers, Andy Tennant, Giovanni Innella and Freddie Yauner, however projects are undertaken with other collaborators, in small groups or independently.

You can find our very short and unfinished manifesto here and our findings from our first set of projects here.

Momentum is building… and we are starting to undertake more projects and workshops.


One comment

  1. Erasmus Vets

    You folks have an exciting and valuable aim, which as I understand it is to be the conduit and catalyst for discussion and comment between the rulemakers and those who should abide by those rules. So….between the politicians and the people. Overcoming “consultation fatigue”.

    To get anywhere near this, I think you need to be more selective and ambitious with regard to your choice of project or intervention.

    Your stuff has obviously had some thought, but seems really out of step with your aims. It’s fun, and clever in places, but should be much more incisive and thoughtful if you stand a chance of making any real difference.

    You can do better!

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