Wellness Boxes

We have just finished the first batch production of our new Wellness Boxes for Wellness Grove CIC, Recuperation Bridging Program (RBP).

The Recuperation Bridging Program is a project of Wellness Grove CIC, with the purpose of providing a range of health and personal wellbeing self-management products (toiletries and other personal artefacts).

This collaborative project started in 2019 between Wellness Grove CIC and Imagination, Lancaster University, which was later joined by RISE NW.

The collaboration provides an educational approach to personalised health management by designing and making personal health and well-being toiletries for bespoke health self-management.

The approach is based on a collaboration between clients and customers in the design process and with marketing through selected media in collaboration with the NHS. Outlets are hospitals, medical practices, co-operative stores, WISDOM Clubs and through practitioners in beauty grooming services who are trained in Listening Ear techniques as a condition of being licensed as purveyors.

Wellness Grove CIC is based at Furness General Hospital and works in association with the UHMB Chaplaincy. It is supported by an advisory group at Lancaster University (LICA) and the UHMB NHS Trust.

Development Partners are:

Harry Gray, Executive Chair, (PhD. AFBPs, Chartered Psychologist) Group leader

Mark Moran (RISE NW CIC) – RISE NW (mental health)

Debbie Wilde, UHMB chaplaincy

Isobel Hamid, registered physiotherapist

Professor Paul Rodgers, Imagination, Lancaster University

Central administration is provided by Wellness Grove CIC based at Low Mill, Caton, Lancaster, LA2 9HY, England, UK.

The development of the project is based on a learner-based theory of consultant-client relationship embracing learning to support personal healthy lifestyles. The intention is to give the users greater control of the way they live through improved understanding and enhanced skills in their own healthcare.

Great emphasis is placed on the diagnosis of user needs, the identification of personal strengths. The project is designed to ensure customers remain in close contact with health professionals relevant to their needs. Wellness Boxes are intended to be used in partnership with GPs and other health professionals.

Wellness Boxes are filled according to the needs of individuals according to a combination of the following conditions and might include:

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Face cloth
  • Comb
  • Deodorant
  • Lip balm
  • Handkerchiefs/tissues

For more information please contact:

Harry Gray

Wellness Grove CIC

Registered Office

17 Low Mill





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