Designed with Dementia…

Designed with Dementia…, an exciting, interactive co-design and make project, is part of Lancaster University’s Campus in the City that brings world-class research and more to the city centre of Lancaster. The aim is to bring local people, academics and students closer together while bringing our research to life and sharing the opportunity to experience the relevance of this research for everyone.

Designed with Dementia… is a co-design intervention that makes use of the latent creative abilities of people living with dementia. Designed with Dementia… adopts a co-design approach where people living with dementia are valued highly and their inputs and collaborations are held in the same esteem as any other collaborator. Designed with Dementia… focuses on the empowerment and inclusion of people living with dementia, along with dementia support workers, carers and the general public, to inform, influence and change prevailing attitudes and assumptions surrounding dementia. During the Designed with Dementia… process, all participants become co-designers helping to propose possibilities, choose solutions, provide services and be at the forefront of “making things happen”.

During Lancaster University’s Campus in the City event, Designed with Dementia… will encourage people living with dementia to come and explore designing and making first-hand in the Campus in the City shop. Participants will design and make a range of soft furnishing designs depicting images of famous local people and/or well-known landmarks (e.g. Eric Morecambe, Lancaster Castle). Alongside the design and make workshop, visitors will be able to view a range of fabrics and products created in earlier Designed with Dementia… events. These Designed with Dementia… textiles were all co-designed with people living with dementia and have been developed into a range of products by the same people. The outcomes of the Designed with Dementia… event will form a public exhibition that helps to highlight the creative potential of people living with dementia and how their outputs can be designed into real commercial products.

About paulrodgersdesign

I am Professor of Design Issues at Northumbria University School of Design. I hold undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Design from Middlesex University,London, and a PhD in Product Design Assessment from the University of Westminster, London. My research explores the discipline of design and how disruptive design interventions can enact positive change in health and social care and elsewhere.

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