Design Disruption Cards


The Design Disruption Group is pleased to announce the creation of our very own pack of cards. We have created a pack of Design Disruption cards that are aimed at individuals and groups of individuals to help them disrupt their everyday practices.The pack includes 30 cards with a wide range of creative disruptive tasks for you to try out in your own time. The Design Disruption Cards include tasks for you to try such as “My Manifesto” – where you are asked to write a personal Manifesto (in no more than 120 words) that promotes your ideas for carrying out the major changes that you believe need to be made in your life, your organisation, and/or your work, “3 Chapter Book” – where you are asked to create a 3 chapter illustrated book using no more than 3 pages of 13 words in each chapter – 39 words maximum that should be all about you and what you do, and “A to Z Charter” where you are asked to define your personal A to Z Charter that clearly defines you and your organisation’s core values. The Design Disruption Cards are an absolute necessity for any business or organization wishing to maximize the inherent creative potential of their staff team.


About paulrodgersdesign

I am Professor of Design Issues at Northumbria University School of Design. I hold undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Design from Middlesex University,London, and a PhD in Product Design Assessment from the University of Westminster, London. My research explores the discipline of design and how disruptive design interventions can enact positive change in health and social care and elsewhere.

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  1. Interesting. I use a form of the Personal Manifesto exercise in my collaborative learning work. My primary aim is to encourage people to more openly declare what they stand for, what they wish to achieve, and what they are willing to commit to achieve it. It’s surprising how many people find this difficult.
    My view is that we need to move away from introducing discrete activities branded as “creative” or “imaginative” – and move towards redefining each area of human activity (whether a business, and project or a community activity) as essentially an imaginative and creative response to the challenges faced by those taking part in the shared endeavour (sell more stuff, deliver better services, create more fulfilling life experiences).

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