Ryder Architecture at 90

Ryder Architects (http://www.ryderarchitecture.com/) recently celebrated their 60th birthday. Ryder Architects, who have offices in Newcastle, Glasgow, Liverpool and London, believe that design is fundamentally a process of problem solving where they search for economic and elegant solutions which become timeless and enduring expressions of purpose. Ryder’s quest for excellence in design is backed by a continuing process of development of best practice in business, methods of working and in our talented teams.

Ryder commissioned the Design Disruption Group to challenge a group of their senior staff to imagine what Ryder Architects will look like when they are 90 years old. We asked the group to forecast and project what the world will look like between now and 2024, 2034, and 2044. We then asked the Ryder staff to project the opportunities (and threats) these future visions of the world would open up to them as a leading architectural design studio.

The results are fascinating…


About paulrodgersdesign

I am Professor of Design Issues at Northumbria University School of Design. I hold undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Design from Middlesex University,London, and a PhD in Product Design Assessment from the University of Westminster, London. My research explores the discipline of design and how disruptive design interventions can enact positive change in health and social care and elsewhere.

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