Swiss Design Network

Two members of the Design Disruption Group (DDG), Paul Rodgers and Andy Tennant, presented the Design Disruption Group’s work with informal, unpaid carers in the North East of England at the annual Swiss Design Network (SDN) Conference 2012 entitled “Disruptive Interaction” in Lugano, Switzerland. The DDG’s paper is entitled “Improving Health and Wellbeing through Disruptive Design Interventions”. Other speakers at the “Disruptive Interactions” SDN Conference included Claudia Scholz and Louise Brandberg Realini of the University of Lugano, Hennie Reynders of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Harah Chon of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Jonathan Wray of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Massimo Banzi from the Arduino Project, Jörn Messeter from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, and Peter Troxler from the Rotterdam University of Applied Science. The one day “Disruptive Interaction” conference focuses on the dialectical relationship between design and disruptive ideas, practices and innovations. “Disruptive Interaction” aims to investigate and discuss the capability, responsibility and agency of design in areas of disruptive change.

  • What do designers do to fundamentally change accepted rules (or to completely remove them) or to radically change the context and the environment in which theses rules operate?
  • How do designers re-think and hack the taken-for-granted? How do they create and communicate new perspectives on the use of existing artifacts?
  • How do they invent new ways of participation and how do they visualize the obvious and the unforeseen?
  • How do they disrupt their own ideologies?
  • How do designers react to and interact with disruptive changes and innovations?

The conference presented projects which identify, describe and invent design practices, processes, methods and strategies which provide the potential for sudden and substantial change in value systems.


About paulrodgersdesign

I am Professor of Design Issues at Northumbria University School of Design. I hold undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Design from Middlesex University,London, and a PhD in Product Design Assessment from the University of Westminster, London. My research explores the discipline of design and how disruptive design interventions can enact positive change in health and social care and elsewhere.

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