Worlds Tallest Signpost

The Worlds Tallest Signpost, reflects on the fact that there is no right path in MS. It will broadcast contributions of people affected by MS when asked to share the daily decisions they make due to MS.


The Worlds Tallest Signpost was created as a result of creating the Look into my Eyes book, as an opportunity to collect further narratives on uncertainty and MS.

We hope to use the data collected in the Worlds Tallest Signpost project to work towards an effective, awareness creating finished output in the public realm. The smallest of decisions made by an MSer can have such a dramatic affect on the their lives and we hope that this output will open many people’s eyes to the uncertainties and decision making processes an MSer will have to go through on a daily basis.

Worlds Tallest Signpost workshop undertaken at MS Life, Manchester Central Exhibition Centre, 14th-15th April 2012.  3500 visitors over the weekend.  We are currently working on a web application of the Worlds Tallest Signpost for, the social network for People with MS.  And are working towards realising a version of the Signpost in the Public realm…


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