Student Design Challenge

Freddie and Paul’s Design Challenge

The management (i.e. harvesting, creation, use, disposal, reuse, recycling) of resources* within the UK and across the world is becoming ever more important. A number of related issues and challenges come together under this umbrella, for instance but by no means exclusively:

  • The scarcity of metals and minerals;
  • The importance of moving towards sustainable materials across a range of products, spaces, services and systems;
  • Adaptations of existing products, spaces, services and systems;
  • Management of resources including materials, waste products and pollution;
  • Sustainable design and manufacturing and production;
  • Designed approaches to resource recovery;
  • Recycling of critical resources including materials;


  • Disruptive product design.

Using the streets of Newcastle as your context, Freddie and Paul invite you to

a)     Consider your role in the creation of new things, and the responsibility this comes with.

b)    Wander inquisitively before identifying, confirming and ultimately intervening.

You might wish to consider selecting a resource(s) of your choice (e.g. money, food, water, gold, plastic, people, etc.) to focus on. You may wish to focus your attention at a product level, a spatial level, or system level. You may wish to focus on a technological intervention, a conceptual intervention, and/ or a socio-economical intervention.

Below are some of the results from the 2nd years


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