Design a Fortune


In an attempt of improving the business of our friend’s Chinese Restaurant in Newcastle upon Tyne, we prepared a series of customized Fortune Cookies:

Message 1:

Positive contributions on reflect the positivity of your soul

Message 2:
A generous tip to our waiter Jason is an investment for your future happiness

Message 3:
The Brits are great adventurers in the face of difficult choices. Build our heritage and try our homemade dessert no.30 on the dim sum menu

Message 4:
Through discussion, comes agreement. Through honesty, comes improvement. Discuss your meal and feedback to our waiters

Message 5:

If luck is what you seek call the lucky no. 07908316894. And good luck will rain down on you (it will not cost you a fortune)

Notes from the experiment:

  • Generally people were positive about the Cookies and in some cases the experiment followed with a nice informal conversation.
  • Jason refused to serve our cookies to Chinese customers. He said Chinese customers don’t believe in fortune cookies. I insisted. He said that Chinese customers don’t believe in fortune cookies, therefore don’t open fortune cookies. I insisted a bit more. He told me not to. I stopped insisting.
  • Some people called my number asking for luck. One other person was a bit annoyed because he was going through some school exams and really just needed luck “not stupid tricks”.
  • A couple told me that promising things that can’t be delivered, such as luck, happiness, etc… is exactly what designers do all the time. “Think of designer’s jeans – they said – you think you’d look beautiful, successful or even smart by wearing them, instead you’ll just be who you are. Design is a scam”. Now, you go tell them that’s not what designers do.

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