look into my eyes

Look into my Eyes is an interactive book that uses an ‘adventure’ narrative to explore the labyrinth of decisions facing MS patients from day one of their diagnosis and examines the impact each of these decisions could have on their day to day lives.

Look into my Eyes use’s real life experiences and interaction design to place audiences firmly in the shoes of an MSer, with the aim of increasing understanding and acceptance of MS for patients, carers and health professionals alike. We want to highlight the diversity of experiences in MS through the different trajectories the disease might take, the range of human reactions to life and illness, as well as the number of different roles people take within the MS ‘Story’.


The book takes the format of an adventure story (i.e. at the end of each page you are presented with a choice if a. go to page 12 etc) to allow the reader to literally interact with the experiences and choices that people with MS go through. The story was written by Cathy John a young writer with MS .

The book was designed by Paul Robson who used creative typography to form a piece of work that not only creates empathy with the reader via the use of purposely awkward and distorted text, but also through the use of an Ombro cinema technique which reveals and makes sense of distorted images when an acetate sheet is placed over the image. This technique was chosen to really emphasize some of the possible symptoms associated with MS.


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